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Photos done by patrickryan24

There’s a difference between mostly dead and all dead. This blog’s mostly dead.

((So, who wants to see some fierce-ass cosplay pictures that have been delayed for far too long?))

Hello to all of my followers out there~

Modeled by: ItachixKisame (me)

Photography & Editing by: patrickryan24

Damn straight.

I’m alive!

((Sorry—I’ve been sick for the past month. So, I haven’t been able to update a lot lately.))

My Artist Has a Personal Tumblr

((Yeah, so I won’t have to be posting a bunch of my stuff here as to WHY I am always so busy, you can follow my personal Tumblr and see what I’m up to. I hope you guys follow me, because I’ve been contemplating this for a long time, now! I already followed a few of you guys and if I haven’t and you want to be friends, hit up my ask box and let me know! So, visit me here to see all my reblogs, fandoms, and posts. Or, hey, even if you just wanna talk to me! Thanks, guys.

Also, if you’ve noticed that I’ve unfollowed you, it’s because I did so on this blog and started following you on my personal one, so I can reblog your stuff and still be relevant here. Don’t be offended; I’m just doing my job.))

I can see this working out…

((Hi. I’ve been having a horribly busy life lately. So, I haven’t been able to draw. And don’t harass my sister for me to update—harass me instead. She cowers in fear and says the demons will have her for lunch. Thanks, brah.))

Well, then…

I just lost five followers in eleven hours… Thanks guys… It means a lot.

I don’t even know what to say.

((Excuse the typed writing and crap quality of the make-up/hair/skin coloring. I did it with a mouse. Is the make-up even there? I can’t tell.))